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(323) 315-0076

Rediscover Your “American Mojo”

It's Time to Start Again - with A New Mojo.

I'm a video - oriented Copywriter who will Convert Prospects into Your New Clients. 

We've changed. Covid-19 had some powerful 1-2 punches. We know it's down but not out. We also know it's a Palooka. While we prepare to box the next round, we need sharper strategies to win.

We need our products to be front and center. To make the sale, we need to cut the fat, take center stage, and show what we've got.


 I'm here to help you. I have seven keys to help you win this one. To get the job done, I create:

  • Conversion copy to attract new clients for data products and services.
  • Interviews to tell your story everywhere
  • Gap Analysis to show you where your data is telling you to look.
  • Information products to bring your prospects closer to your sales team
  • Video FAQ answers to help new customers convert
  • Customer support videos to increase product usage and reduce churn
  • Staff training videos to help your team impress your clients.

 It's time for you to call me. 

I'm the copywriter who uses video to convert. Come to me when you're ready to make more money. 

It's my job to grow your business again, and I've got the analytic chops to help you adjust. I'll bring your prospect to the table and ready to say yes.


 Sales is a long-term game. COVID-19 can win a round or two, but the match belongs to us.


How does a Business Today Get Its Mojo Back in the USA?

Successful Businesses Cut the Crap, Get Focused, and Show Their Muscle

Cut the Fat

Is your message sharp?


Trim your information so your client can focus on you.

Take Center Stage

Can you get attention? 

Tell your story before he gets off on the third floor.

Reveal the Unseen

What makes you special?

Show her why you're special before someone else takes your spot.

It takes a unique combination of skills to help business recover

I apply my experience in data analysis to everything I write

So do you still like the word "fake" today? Are you motivated by the word "great" when it's spoken?

I'm not, but I was not too fond of those words before COVID-19 either. Twenty years of experience in data analytics and copy has made me quick to smell a fake on a page, and nothing makes it great. It makes messes and as a minimalist, messes and I don't spend time getting to know each other.

I only see the road ahead, and it informs my content strategies and copywriting. I can pull heartstrings for products I trust. I don't write copy about snake oil. (If your product isn't reliable, you should find that other guy.)

Chase, Best Buy, NBC Universal, Wunderman, and others are on my testimonials. Those companies are part of my core. And they believe in me.

A career in business analysis, data architecture, and copywriting makes me unique.

Persuasion is my passion. Data grounds my claims. It's why I love copywriting as much as data. I spent over 15,000 hours writing copy before I took any exams.

When I wrote for my certifications in copywriting and content strategy, it was a piece of cake. 

But that cake was made with over 1000 hours of headline testing and another 1000 writing leads.  And tons of material designed to do one thing - help readers make decisions. 

I graduated from the mentorship of Bob Bly, Clayton Makepeace, Danny Iny, Brian Clark, and Pamela Wilson.

I didn't waste their time. And I won't waste yours. I'm not cheap, because I know how to get people to make the change they desire. 


After all, you're still reading this aren't you?

How I approach every project

Discover how I make a difference for every  company I take on

There was a medical doctor, teaching med students at my university, the University of Toronto in Canada. He was a monk and my mentor when the AIDS virus hit the streets of Toronto on June 5, 1981. He taught me this secret.

As a writer, I'm of no help if I can't feel what is not visible because mojo is the most real thing we have. It's invisible even though we can see it in action, and it can disappear with no explanation.

To increase mojo takes trustworthy information, and that starts with the analysis of useful data.

As a business leader, you're in this recovery for awhile. Just as HIV did not go quietly into the night, neither will its cousin Covid-19. This virus changes things. If it didn't affect your mojo, your American spirit was already infected.

So back to my mentor, the Trappist monk. . .

My Mojo  


Success of the kind which David has achieved requires the internalization of a great deal of new data, the ability to manipulate it fluidly within formal constraints, and, most of all, the intellectual imagination to take an idea where no one has pursued it before in pursuit of a workable solution.

Dr. Brad Inwood

Professor - Yale & Toronto

David has a unique understanding of information and the variety of formats that will successfully deliver it. In our desire to tell the story of the Blue Box, David produced a superb 15 minute clip for our AGM. The video received much praise and several requests for its use among our member corporations.

Damian Bassett


The very best strength David has is his ability to communicate; understand his audience and communicate complex technical issues appropriately.   His written communication is excellent as well as his ability to communicate in front of small groups or large audiences.

Mary Nicholson

director - Universal Music Group


I’d love to talk about what matters to you.