About Me

Our Adventures Start When We Take Chance On Yes

Now, to get there . . . 

I'm a content strategist who believes we have a role in helping the world change. When we join data and copywriting, we create persuasive, truthful maps to get to yes. 

My belief in "yes" was born out of my experience as a business analyst, data architect, and technical writer at CHASE, Best Buy, NBCUniversal, and Wunderman.

Today I write persuasive conversational copy to build trust, welcome change and become more than we were before.

For me, saying yes creates a better life.

  •  Yes is to an idea 
  •  Yes to something new
  •  Yes to trying a different approach
  •  Yes to letting creativity solve hard technical problems

Who I Am Today

Today I'm all about copy as an income-producing asset. During my career, I've helped many decision-makers grapple with change. Each time they said yes, they increased their bottom line.

  • For banking executives, I wrote white papers, case studies, SWOT analysis, and executive summaries. We instituted new ways for millions of people to increase their financial independence.
  •  For a fast-growing pharmacy chain, I wrote several in-depth analyses, stakeholder briefings, information specifications, training materials, and project directives. I created prototypes, videos, and support documentation to help them adapt.
  •  For a large Big-Box retailer, I created roadmaps, position papers, newsletters, and email auto-responders to adopt Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation.
  •  For a Canadian provincial government, I wrote briefings and specifications to help them convert applications from paper to the web. 
  •  For a major film studio, I wrote presentations, papers, case studies and led many meetings to move them to a real-time Azure platform. Now, they read data stories and use predictive analysis in a globally available system.
  •  For a Los Angeles health institute, I designed their online strategy, wrote their content, and developed a research library.

I like to use six critical assets:

  1. Videos - to capture attention
  2. Websites - to bring prospects closer to saying yes
  3. White Papers - to clarify problems
  4. Case studies - to reveal working solutions
  5. Sales Letters - to connect prospects to solutions
  6. Email - to build conversations during and after clients say yes

It takes great copy to help others take a chance on the power of yes. We should talk.