How To Know If I Am Your Freelance Content Strategist

I’m a technical person’s copywriter. I write for companies who offer software as a service. Those who have robust yet complex products are the kind of folks I help. I help their buyers understand.

I do three things really well.

  1. Remove distraction
  2. Create focus
  3. Deliver clarity

And that’s all you need me to do.  Free-trial customers need copy support to get into the product. I make that happen.

I understand how content needs to educate, to help the buyer know if they are in the right place and looking at the right product. My videos, white papers, case studies,  and emails help them enjoy the product you’ve offered for trial.

Web content affects us differently. It is the marketplace. I look at your product the way your customer does. My content will help him move past technical novelty and into the experience you’ve created.

My content takes the long path, and my copy gets directly to the sale.

Making the technical accessible is my talent. I can’t sing or play the guitar or skateboard on my way to the downhill mountain bike track. But I can explain to someone that their problems have a solution and help them find it. By the time they buy, they are confident in their decision.

It’s why I’m attracted to technology. That and the fact I have almost 20 years of experience as an IT architect and project manager.  It’s my comfort zone.

So, Am I a Fit?

I can help you turn free trials into paying customers who want to tell their friends about you. Ready?

It takes great copy to help others take a chance on the power of yes. We should talk.