How We Will Measure Our Success

We want to measure the success of our content strategy. I’m no different. So let’s measure at least 10 SEO metrics that matter. (And if your freelancer doesn’t want to know this, I’m curious why.)

We should stay in touch after we finish. Not a shock I’m sure. Every freelance copywriter wants to know how their work impacted your sales and retention.  I want to know how well my materials performed for you. 

If your campaign is a success, I want to know how to make your next one even better. Should other copy ever beat it, I want to figure out why, so I can get another chance to beat my competition.

I’m a Guy Sheetrit fan and like to use his insights to measure success. He helps isolate unpredictability, and, as a risk-averse copywriter, I appreciate that.

I like to focus on these metrics; many of them benefit you as much as me.

    1. Total Organic Clicks
    2. Number of Goal Completions Via Organic Traffic
    3. Bounce Rate of Top Landing Pages
    4. Top Exit Pages
    5. Target Keywords and Their Organic Ranking
    6. Mobile Usability 
    7. Lifetime Value For Users
    8. Crawl Errors 
    9. Accelerated Mobile Pages
    10. Quality Inbound Link Count and Trust Score

It takes great copy to help others take a chance on the power of yes. We should talk.