Why I Know I Can Help You

David Pederson Technical Copywriter

I’ve spent 20 years with data helping it reveal its story to executives who needed to understand it deeper so they could take actions that would succeed.

I know systems and data and can tell anyone about them in a way they understand.

Throughout my career, I wrote papers, presentations, videos, briefings, specifications, requirements, opinions, and financial projections to support the projects. I’ve been writing copy for 17 years as an architect. I didn’t call it a technical copy.   During the past six years, I’ve been through training in professional copy-writing for both B2C and B2B and still stay close to those folks.

I’m a guy who has spent much of his working life selling ideas to executives and sponsors.

I started talking and writing about data systems straight out of university. 

I started in Toronto Canada with a degree from the University of Toronto in Information Science and built the first data system to measure municipal recycling waste in Ontario – part of their goal to reach 85% diversion rates. We won the United Nations Environmental Award.

I left for California after that where I built a warehouse and an IVR system for Ford Motor Credit. And it didn’t stop there. Over the next 15 years, I built data warehouses for insurance, marketing data warehouses for Washington Mutual, and 360 customer-view data systems to feed branches of the bank across North America. When CHASE bought Washington Mutual, I stayed for a year to integrate data.

At Best Buy I built the data system to bring Canada into compliance with the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). In 2016 I gutted and replaced an entire order management system that fed a call center staffed by 120 people to manage data from 18 websites – all of which I oversaw by building a team of 11 developers, 8 of whom worked in China. Each step of the process required many presentations and papers to communicate to the executives at one level, the business team on another and the developers on another. I can write.

So, that’s who I am. If you and I share ideas, maybe we should talk more. You’ll find me here. You can fill out the contact form with a time for me to be in touch or you can call me at 323 609-8635. and leave a message. Your choice.

It takes great copy to help others take a chance on the power of yes. We should talk.