Great Business Ideas are Incubated.

Is it Your Time to Incubate an Idea?

Damian Bassett

CEO - Corporations Supporting Recycling

David has a unique understanding of information and the variety of formats that will successfully deliver it. In our desire to tell the story of the Blue Box, David gathered over 17 hours of raw footage detailing the creation of the Blue Box from the originators of the idea and produced a superb 15 minute clip for our AGM. The video received much praise from our members and requests for its use as a communication tool in various corporations associated with CSR.

David Pederson

Story Designer

What You’ll Get During Your 

Incubation Call

Did you know that one of the best ways to improve your ideas is to step aside and do something even more demanding? This is real idea incubation.

Sixty minutes with me is not like happy hour. In our hour you will get a work-out. And when you're done brainstorming, your ideas will have a new fitness to them. In short, they will be either viable or ready to abandon. 

Together, we'll spend 60 minutes discussing your idea. I'll ask you hard questions to get a sense of where you're at and where you want to go next. I'll listen to your plans. Finally, I'll tell you what I've learned from you and you'll hear your ideas from someone who has no filters.  

We'll look at the stakes involved in your business growth, see if you're ready to manage the chaos, establish how much patience you'll need to incubate your idea, and whether you're ready to act like an investor and take a hands-off stance so your idea can evolve. 

What you won't get from me is a sales pitch.  In this call we'll just talk about you and go through some solid idea testing. 

What You’ll Do Before the Call

If you'd like me to look at something before we talk, send it along when you book our time. I'll study it before we talk. 

What Happens During Our Time

Brain-storming. I'll help dig out your ideas so you can see them from the eyes of an outsider.

What Changes After We Speak

If you want me to record our call, I'll send it to you. If you'd prefer, I'll send you my notes. I want you free to talk about your plans. Let me capture the conversation and send it back to you. 

About David

I've used stories to get people closer to new ideas for the past 20 years. At Chase, it helped make tough work easier, At Best Buy, it made daunting tasks less scary, and at NBCUniversal it helped paint new pictures to help executives make the best decisions for Universal Studios and NBC Television. 

My time with you is about 70% listening, 5% organizing, and 25% choosing the right moments in your story so others can enjoy them too. 

This Begins When We Connect

I've made some good friends gathering stories and retelling them so they inspire new followers and turn prospects into promoters.

This call is a great place for that relationship to begin. At the least, it's an opportunity for you to talk with me and get feedback from someone with 20 years of experience in story generation. I have no expectations from you so there are no filters to use and I can speak clearly about your ideas.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Dr. Brad Inwood

Emeritus Professor - Yale

Success of the kind which David has achieved requires the internalization of a great deal of new data, the ability to manipulate it fluidly within formal constraints, and, most of all, the intellectual imagination to take an idea where no one has pursued it before in pursuit of a workable solution.

Ann Nisimov

Director - NBCUniversal

By all accounts, the NBCU team is very happy with David’s performance, his work ethic and his ability to self-manage as well as positively influence the work effort of others. He has provided valuable input to both problem definition and solution design. 

Lisa Rockford

Director - Best Buy

CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) was a critical, high visibility project with legal and financial consequences for the company. Due to a tight timeline, requirements gathering and documentation needed to be performed at an accelerated rate with high accuracy. David brought a sense of calm to the table while gathering comprehensive research.

What Are You Waiting For?

Let’s Make Your Ideas Reality.