January 22, 2020

Research Findings Explained

Hurt teams despite great leaders Click on the image to open the briefing.

This is a sample of one product in a series of briefs I built for a company that wanted to bridge the gap between academic research and their audience of project managers.

In this Koan Brief, prepared for the their project management clients I chose a study that involved 683 team members and 25 team leads. It sought to answer whether good leaders helped or hurt teams and the effect on the products they produced.

Leaders were broken out into transformation and gatekeeper styles. Then they were measured against their team’s performance, key cultural norms, and their communication approach. The results are strong and fascinating.

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I am a content strategist and copywriter, certified by CopyBlogger and AWAI. I bring 20 years of experience in business intelligence to every project I take on.

Best Wishes, David Pederson

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