January 22, 2020

Video Copy Samples (Healthcare)

Video is an essential part of my life. I believe a great story is compelling and persuasive. When done well, visual storytelling helps people decide to make their own stories better. While not everything has to be a feature film, visuals help reach into our minds so that new ideas can take root and grow.

These video samples do precisely that. As you can see, they are short and quick to watch, but they pack a punch for people who are unaware of the abilities that smaller pharmacies have at their disposal.

This pharmacy chain is small and Canadian, but it's powered by smart people, which makes it one of my favorite experiences in storytelling, and I hope these videos also show you that mega-chains have real competition when good people get together to improve the lives of strangers.

Compounding Pharmacies

David Pederson

This video educated the public on what a compounding pharmacist can do for people who are sensitive to certain drugs. 

Sometimes they need something unique that their body will accept.

Automated Pill Dispensing

David Pederson

This video taught the public how automating pharmacy packaging has advantages for customers. Automating pill dispensing eliminates mistakes. 

Home Care Services

David Pederson

This video demonstrated the value of the Pharmacy Home Care Program. By using this service, caregivers can be confident the people in their lives are getting the right support.

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Best Wishes, David Pederson

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