Why Choose Me as Your B2B Copywriter

Why Choose Me as Your B2B Copywriter

It's all About Message Clarity

When your message comes from the center stage, it must be clear. You achieve clarity if people can repeat your message in an elevator trip from the ground to the fifth floor.

It's my job to make sure people remember you. In a B2B marketing relationship, your clarity makes you the best fit. It's essential to show your client precisely who you are.

When we work together, I will likely ask questions that make you uncomfortable. It's what happens as we get to know each other. As we talk, I will challenge you. If you tell me you're trying to reach a wider audience than you've defined, we'll have a more in-depth discussion.

I've seldom seen a sales increase with broad-net strategies in the B2B market. The single clear message delivered to people who need your solution wins every time. So, I'll challenge you until your audience is well-defined.

Focusing on data for many years helps me see what works and what doesn't. It makes me aware of when a message will likely fail. Sales messages that fail hurt both our reputations. So, when I see weak signals, I will argue for change.

Willing Audiences Hear Clear Messages

Clients usually find it hard to focus on the one message they need to deliver, so they try to cover the whole map rather than pick just one route. A poorly defined audience is often why their plan doesn't work, and that is why I ask questions and then research the answers to see if they match the target. That may mean accessing your CRM or critical staff. I want you to choose the best route for sales.

Your short message needs to reveal the truth buried beneath the jargon. It needs to talk to the buyer. They are the only ones that need to listen, so it must reach them. That alone moves prospects to the moment of yes.

I work on your message until it helps your audience say yes.

What I've Done That Will Help You

My belief in "yes" was born out of my experience as a business analyst, data architect, and technical writer at CHASE, Best Buy, NBCUniversal, and Wunderman.

I've seen and measured the impact of yes while building strategy and assets for Best Buy, Planet Healthcare, Washington Mutual, and the Medical Aesthetic Institute of Los Angeles. 

During my career in data, I looked for ways to make my writing more persuasive. I needed to help stakeholders decide to invest large sums of money in ideas that had softer ROI. 

I used my data skills in my copywriting to calm the fears that a lack of information or, worse, misinformation creates. 


To win the hearts and minds of my stakeholders, I started learning from copywriters. I began my studies and, over time, moved on to learn from masters like Robert BlyClayton MakepeaceIlise BenunNick UsbournePamela WilsonDanny Iny, and Brian Clark. I've been tested and certified in both copywriting and content strategy.

After more than 15,000 hours of integrating data into copywriting, I learned a couple of things. Most notable was the fact that change is difficult, met with fear, and resisted vigorously. With reliable analytics backed by well-examined data, we can combine emotion and logic to reduce anxiety. We find the confidence to say yes to change. 

In the ten years since I made this move, I've spent over 1000 hours split testing headlines, another 1000 testing ledes, and over 1500 testing more call-to-actions than most of my peers. 

Continual testing is why departments got new systems, and vendors got new contracts. It's part of what I do with the assets I create. In exchange for the reduced risk, you need to allow me the time and resources required to evaluate your copy tests thoroughly. It increases your success.

Today I write persuasive conversational copy to build trust, welcome change, and become more than we were before.

Reputation Matters The Most

You'll find I am easy to work with when we are transparent, thoughtful, and value each other's ideas. Reputation matters to me - Both yours and mine.  I've dropped clients who insisted on making bad decisions. But I do listen when a decision can go either way.

That approach brings me happiness. It should reassure you. 

Awards Are Rewards

I like working with smart people who care about others. In my career, I've received a few awards. But there are two that stand out for me.

 The Always On Award

  for my skill in data integration. I grew into the 'go-to' guy to help bring 11 banking mergers and acquisitions on-board. My take-away? I became very fast at doing substantial and in-depth research and accurately reporting my analysis in formats that a variety of people could understand. 

 The UN Environmental Award

  for Ontario's Blue Box Program. As part of the winning team, I created annual reports, briefings, decision papers, newsletters, and critical membership communications to bring recycling to Canada.

To Wrap Up

For me saying yes intelligently builds adventure.

The moment we have an idea, we want others to see it, to like it, and want it. We are hoping we grow while we help others grow.

That is an adventure. As a B2B copywriter, I grow by choosing words and images carefully. They are the keys that persuade us to take a chance.


It takes great copy to help others take a chance on the power of yes. We should talk.